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Introduction of BMEEG
    Beijing Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Group Co., Ltd. (BMEEG), formerly known as Beijing Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Installation Engineering Company, was established in 1954. Over the past 60 years, BMEEG has been developed into the biggest, most powerful large enterprise group in China. She integrates wit h several industries such as mechanical and electrical installation, municipal road and bridge, real estate, energy conservation and environmental protection,mechanical and electrical deepen design, financial investment, financing lease, investment guarantee,etc.
    BMEEG possesses four general contracting qualification certificates for M&E equipment installation, municipal utilities construction, petrochemical construction, housing construction engineering; And also owns plenty of professional contracting qualification certificates and industry qualification certificates for environmental protection, building intelligent system, large amusement rides installation, etc, The group company, BMEEG possesses financial holding companies, professional holding companies, joint ventures, professional branch companies and Regional Branch Companies. She owns over 100,000 square meters administrative and productive land, and more than 2000 employees.
Scope of Business
    General contracting; professional contracting; labor subcontracting; construction machinery and equipment rental; construction engineering equipment; computer system integration; Special engineering design; engineering survey and design; sales of mechanical equipment, electronic products, hardware and construction materials; import and export of various goods and technologies or acting as an agent; labor dispatch to overseas projects; design and fabrication of pressure vessel; on-site welding of spherical tanks; boilers installation and renovation; Amusement Rides installation; pressure pipe installation; fabrication and installation of nonstandard steel structures, etc.
Enterprise Honor
    The enterprise annual turnover, output value, profit and various techno-economic indicators have been at the forefront in the industry. In 1994, the company was ranked the 54th place in 500 largest construction enterprises in China; in 1995, was awarded with "National Advanced Construction Enterprise" by the Ministry of Construction; in 1999, won "National May 1st Labor Certificate"; in 2004, was rated with "National Customer Satisfaction Service Enterprise" by China Installation Association ; 1997-2012, has been awarded with "Capital Civilized Model Unit" for consecutive 16 years; has been elected to "Beijing Top 100 Enterprises" as the only construction and installation company for consecutive 9 years. 47 projects that undertaken by BMEEG won the "China Construction Engineering LuBan Award", and 5 projects won the China Civil Engineering "Zhan Tianyou Grand Award". BMEEG won more than 100 prizes in the "National High-quality Awards" and Beijing's high-quality projects "Great Wall Cup" awards. She holds more awards than any other construction firms.
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